Hilton Falls Conservation Area

I made some serious rookie mistakes on my hike.  First, I didn’t listen to anyone that said mosquitoes will be particularly bad this time of year.  Second, I forgot my camera was set on manual focus from my previous long exposure nights.

For the record, I did wear bug spray.  It didn’t help.  I suspect horse flies are immune or able to find the areas where the bug spray mist did not touch me.  Others apparently listened to their wise friends as I was the only one hiking the trails that day.  Although I brought a tripod, the moment I stopped there were all manner of bugs landing on me.  Setting up a two-minute long exposure of the waterfall with a neutral density filter was absolutely out of the question.  I’m too much of a wimp.

I’ll leave the hiking for the autumn when the leaves change colours and the horse flies are gone.


Blog Reset!

One more blog reset.  Although, after switching to blogspot I haven’t been as diligent in maintaining my blog for a while.  The original intent was to focus on security trends within the industry.  However, with the flood around the NSA spying revelations, I felt that each blog post was taking an increasingly conspiracy-theory type angle.  It’s fine for the occasional discussion over a beer with friends and the Internet has a seemingly unlimited amount of posts and speculations on various conspiracy theories that one may not realize that they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and are wandering around Wonderland chasing the white rabbit aka tangible proof.

A reset gives me the opportunity to also switch from blogspot.  This time, I’m going with WordPress.  In 2012, I weighed the decision between using blogger and wordpress.com.  The free price tag ultimately swayed me over to blogger.  Since that time, I have not seen much improvement in blogger.  Google seems to prefer focusing their resources on developing Google+ instead.  I have nothing against Google+.  I actively use it.  I just feel there is a missed opportunity.  Wordpress.com on the other hand, continues to innovate with new features, themes, and promotion of user generated content.

The above feature is a recently announced new embed feature with Ghetty Images shortly after they announced they will be making their images available for embedding onto other sites.  Too often, bloggers post images with no credit to the author.  Embedding is a great way to provide the ability to use images that directly link back to the original author and give credit for their work.

Other sites (facebook, google+, and twitter) also provide nice embed options that help readers discover new and interesting content.

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