Double spins!

CNE Long Exposure

The last weekend of the Canadian National Exhibition should be avoided if you’re claustrophobic.  I didn’t realize how busy it would be.  I saw a lot of long exposure shots on the web of the CNE and I wanted to try my hand at it as well.  However, dense crowds and tripods mix as well as fire and water.  It’s far too easy for someone engrossed in conversation to trip on one of the tripod’s legs and send the camera crashing down…

We were able to take the below shots from behind this Ferris wheel.  It was a nice out-of-the-way spot with a view of two spinning rides!

SpinningThe below shot required around six to ten seconds for an exposure to capture a good rotation for the vertical spinning ride.  However, the lights on the Ferris wheel would overexpose when exposed for more than four seconds.  So, the game began.  I would test various settings to underexpose just right while waiting for the rides to spin.  I used Lightroom to recover some of the highlights but the detail was mostly lost.

Ferris Wheel

What fair isn’t complete without fireworks? You have to be prepared though. It doesn’t last long.


Ashbridges Bay

Vscocam workflow

I’ve been experimenting with a simpler and more mobile approach to editing photos.  My Note 3 can read an SDHC memory card with an OTG USB cable.  I can then import photos one at a time into my mobile photo editing software of choice, Vscocam.  This process is a bit clunky and slow especially when compared to a desktop solution using Lightroom.  However, the benefit is that I have an extremely light and compact image editing process I can use when I’m traveling… or when I’m at a coffee shop afterwards.

Below are some garden shots I took while testing out my new RX100 ii.

Below is my phone connect to a simple SD card reader using the OTG USB cable.  The phone recognizes the card immediately and there’s no additional apps to install.

VSCOCAM + RX100 + Note 3 + OTG

All of this fits into my old Canon G9 pouch with plenty of room to spare!  I’m planning on attaching the 49mm filter accessory so that I can use a circular polarizer and an ND filter.

Old Canon G9 pouch

The one drawback with this approach is with uploading directly to WordPress.  The file size and resolution of my jpegs are maintained when uploaded to WordPress which consumes more space than I’d like.  It’s easier to upload to Google Plus or Flickr and let the sites take care of the resolution.  WordPress has a nice embed feature for Google Plus galleries.  Although, I still prefer the native WordPress gallery.

I’m very impressed with the image quality coming off this camera.  The last (not-so) compact camera I had was the Canon G10 and the image quality and dynamic range of the RX100 ii is in a different league.  I’m going to have fun with this camera.


Bluffers Park 2014

Bluffers Park is a popular spot for Photography MeetUps.  I’ve been there tons of times for a morning sunrise event.  This was the first sunset event.  I prefer the early morning time though.  There’s too many people late in the day and I’d prefer to capture the landscape with as few people as possible.

I also tested out the My Tracks app.  Here’s some info the app collected:

Total distance: 2.26 km (1.4 mi)

Total time: 2:07:19

Moving time: 2:04:10

Average speed: 1.06 km/h (0.7 mi/h)

Average moving speed: 1.09 km/h (0.7 mi/h)

Max speed: 9.10 km/h (5.7 mi/h)

Average pace: 56:23 min/km (90:44 min/mi)

Average moving pace: 54:59 min/km (88:29 min/mi)

Fastest pace: 6:36 min/km (10:37 min/mi)

Max elevation: 48 m (158 ft)

Min elevation: 34 m (112 ft)

Elevation gain: 82 m (269 ft)

Max grade: 13 %

Min grade: -11 %

Recorded: 8/17/2014 5:36 PM

Certainly not the most strenuous hike.


Hilton Falls Conservation Area

I made some serious rookie mistakes on my hike.  First, I didn’t listen to anyone that said mosquitoes will be particularly bad this time of year.  Second, I forgot my camera was set on manual focus from my previous long exposure nights.

For the record, I did wear bug spray.  It didn’t help.  I suspect horse flies are immune or able to find the areas where the bug spray mist did not touch me.  Others apparently listened to their wise friends as I was the only one hiking the trails that day.  Although I brought a tripod, the moment I stopped there were all manner of bugs landing on me.  Setting up a two-minute long exposure of the waterfall with a neutral density filter was absolutely out of the question.  I’m too much of a wimp.

I’ll leave the hiking for the autumn when the leaves change colours and the horse flies are gone.


Blog Reset!

One more blog reset.  Although, after switching to blogspot I haven’t been as diligent in maintaining my blog for a while.  The original intent was to focus on security trends within the industry.  However, with the flood around the NSA spying revelations, I felt that each blog post was taking an increasingly conspiracy-theory type angle.  It’s fine for the occasional discussion over a beer with friends and the Internet has a seemingly unlimited amount of posts and speculations on various conspiracy theories that one may not realize that they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and are wandering around Wonderland chasing the white rabbit aka tangible proof.

A reset gives me the opportunity to also switch from blogspot.  This time, I’m going with WordPress.  In 2012, I weighed the decision between using blogger and  The free price tag ultimately swayed me over to blogger.  Since that time, I have not seen much improvement in blogger.  Google seems to prefer focusing their resources on developing Google+ instead.  I have nothing against Google+.  I actively use it.  I just feel there is a missed opportunity. on the other hand, continues to innovate with new features, themes, and promotion of user generated content.

The above feature is a recently announced new embed feature with Ghetty Images shortly after they announced they will be making their images available for embedding onto other sites.  Too often, bloggers post images with no credit to the author.  Embedding is a great way to provide the ability to use images that directly link back to the original author and give credit for their work.

Other sites (facebook, google+, and twitter) also provide nice embed options that help readers discover new and interesting content.

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