Hilton Falls Conservation Area

I made some serious rookie mistakes on my hike.  First, I didn’t listen to anyone that said mosquitoes will be particularly bad this time of year.  Second, I forgot my camera was set on manual focus from my previous long exposure nights.

For the record, I did wear bug spray.  It didn’t help.  I suspect horse flies are immune or able to find the areas where the bug spray mist did not touch me.  Others apparently listened to their wise friends as I was the only one hiking the trails that day.  Although I brought a tripod, the moment I stopped there were all manner of bugs landing on me.  Setting up a two-minute long exposure of the waterfall with a neutral density filter was absolutely out of the question.  I’m too much of a wimp.

I’ll leave the hiking for the autumn when the leaves change colours and the horse flies are gone.


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