Vscocam workflow

I’ve been experimenting with a simpler and more mobile approach to editing photos.  My Note 3 can read an SDHC memory card with an OTG USB cable.  I can then import photos one at a time into my mobile photo editing software of choice, Vscocam.  This process is a bit clunky and slow especially when compared to a desktop solution using Lightroom.  However, the benefit is that I have an extremely light and compact image editing process I can use when I’m traveling… or when I’m at a coffee shop afterwards.

Below are some garden shots I took while testing out my new RX100 ii.

Below is my phone connect to a simple SD card reader using the OTG USB cable.  The phone recognizes the card immediately and there’s no additional apps to install.

VSCOCAM + RX100 + Note 3 + OTG

All of this fits into my old Canon G9 pouch with plenty of room to spare!  I’m planning on attaching the 49mm filter accessory so that I can use a circular polarizer and an ND filter.

Old Canon G9 pouch

The one drawback with this approach is with uploading directly to WordPress.  The file size and resolution of my jpegs are maintained when uploaded to WordPress which consumes more space than I’d like.  It’s easier to upload to Google Plus or Flickr and let the sites take care of the resolution.  WordPress has a nice embed feature for Google Plus galleries.  Although, I still prefer the native WordPress gallery.

I’m very impressed with the image quality coming off this camera.  The last (not-so) compact camera I had was the Canon G10 and the image quality and dynamic range of the RX100 ii is in a different league.  I’m going to have fun with this camera.


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