Lit Tree at Sunrise

Argh!!! It’s already December and I still haven’t posted all my pics from my Banff trip.  Anyway, a few more posts coming soon!

Taking this photo was probably my second favourite moment of the trip.  The first being the Milky Way shots.  The day before some of the group were able to capture the same shot and that inspired the rest of us to attempt the same shot.

This tree sits out in the lake and Lake O’hara is surrounded by mountains which means sunrise pictures are difficult.  By the time the sun crests over the mountains, it’s well past the early sunrise time that gives the gorgeous early light.  However, this little tree is in the unique spot to be the recipient of the light before the trees in the background.

There’s this fantastic dance of light that occurs up-to the time of this shot.  The background trees catch a little light then the shoreline where I’m standing gets punched in the face with the full power of the sun… somewhat blinding.  The sun then creeps towards the trees then BAM!  All I heard was everyone on the shore firing away.

Two minutes later, the shot is gone.  The background is lit as well and the clear separation between the tree and the background disappears.

After the two hour build up, I was disappointed with the pics when I had a chance to look at them on a big screen.  My exposure settings were off and the image was over-exposed which resulted in a lot of detail lost. Only a couple months afterwards when I discovered Capture One version 8 was I able to recover the majority of the details in the leaves and balance out the picture.  Some of it is still unrecoverable.  For example, there’s no recovering the detail in the rocks by the tree.  They’re perfectly angled toward the sun that no detail has been captured.

Ah well, the pic is finally in a state that I’m happy with it.

Here’s some additional sunrise pictures:


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