Macro Autumn

My final Autumn pics of 2014 were some macro pictures in Toronto at one of the Meetup group events.  I used my Gen 1 Metabones adapter to mount my Canon 100mm macro lens on  my Nex 7.  I’m always impressed by the level of detail it’s able to capture so I doubt I’ll be selling this one and it’ll probably remain my last Canon lens that I keep.

Mirrorless cameras are continuing to grab headlines and their market share is growing.  However, at photography events the DSLR users still heavily outnumber the mirrorless cameras.  Usually, the comments I hear are akin to “they feel like a toy to me” or “I need a camera to feel like a camera.”  LOL my favourite comment was “you really brought the big guns out for this event!”

Personally, I prefer the smaller size and the lighter weight… especially when hiking.  I like to travel light and usually carry only two lenses.  Andreas Wonisch wrote a nice article, “Landscape photography with µFT cameras“, that echos my thoughts on traveling light with compact gear.


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