I visited Sweden at the end of February.  I hoped to capture the Northern Lights in Luleå.  Unfortunately, every night there was heavy cloud cover so I wasn’t able to capture it this time.

I brought my new A7ii, RX100ii, and my Note 3.  Airports give a lot of time to… wait.  The tools available on Android (and also IOS) allow for some fun editing.  I used VSCO CAM for the film-like filters and Over for the funky fonts.

Luleå is located just below the arctic circle.  I admit, I hadn’t heard of it before my buddy said he had friends there.  What was surprising was how much farther north it was from Toronto yet waaay warmer.  When we left, we had been suffering from an extended winter cold so a 1 degree Celsius weather felt like a  tropical island…  (without the bikinis, beaches,

Can't believe this is the Luleå is just below the arctic circle... and it was warmer than Toronto!
Can’t believe this is the Luleå is just below the arctic circle… and it was warmer than Toronto!

Some photos in

Fika time!  Pastries with coffee was a daily ritual.  Who am I to argue?  Also various food flavours in a tube was popular.  Just look at that selection!

When in Sweden, we had to try the Surströmming which “is fermented Baltic sea herring that has been a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century.”  The fermentation process leaves a very STRONG odour when the can is opened.  Once you get used to the smell.  It tastes a lot better than it smells.

Here are some pics from Stockholm!

The A7ii’s In Body Image Stabilization (“IBIS”) really came through for the night shots.  I could hand hold and take a picture with a longer exposure than I thought possible.  I’ll have to write more on my impressions of the camera in future posts as I’ve been using it more since the trip.  Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with this camera upgrade!


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