I always enjoy taking long exposures in the early mornings.  The water was quite still so I would've had to have exposed for a 60+ seconds to get the water to truly blend together into a nice haze.

Cambodian New Year Sunrise

This post is a month little late.  A bunch of us woke up early to catch the sun rise over the Toronto skyline.  It was a brisk morning and a good reminder to always pack gloves when waking up this early.

When I was in Algonquin, I kept changing lenses on my Nex-7 and some sticky dirt particles  snuck in and coated my sensor.  I learned that Sony has a special cleaning formula that only they use that can clean the sensor.  Now, I’m very hesitant to change lenses outdoors.

My plan was to equip the wide angle 35mm lens on the A7ii and my zoom lens on the Nex-7.  I thought I’d barely touch my Nex-7.  Turns out I was wrong… I preferred more of the zoom shots.  The extra reach allowed me to vary my compositions.


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