Waterfalls North

I spent a fantastic day with DayTripper Photo on a workshop to High Falls and Brook Falls north of Toronto.  We had a rough start with the bus driver arriving 45 minutes late.  No fault of the organizers.  I got the sense that the driver slept in.  I was the last photographer to arrive at 5:15am.  It was absolutely pouring rain in Toronto when I left.  Luckily, it didn’t follow me all the way to Newmarket.

High Falls

My favourite pics have come from the Sony 55-210mm lens.  The flexibility in zoom gives me the ability to find a smaller view amongst the wider landscape.  Combined with the ND 3.0 filter, the photos have a really nice contrast.  I think there’s a slight blue colour cast.  I don’t mind though, there’s a slight coolness to the photos that resemble what I felt in the early morning.  This coolness was enough to keep the mosquitos hibernating a little longer.

Sigma 50mm Art Lens

Daytripper brought along a ton of Sigma lenses.  Luckily, I brought my Commlite EF-to-E mount adapter so I could try some of these lenses.

The first lens I played with was the Sigma 50mm Art Lens.  I can’t say if I liked this lens or not.  The bokeh is certainly pleasing.  I don’t think the 50mm focal length worked for me where I was exploring.

Brook Falls

The weather warmed to a nice 15 degrees or so which was enough to wake all the mosquitoes from their slumber.  I spent about 2 minutes debating if I should use my bug jacket and look like a weirdo.  Weirdness one after my face was swarmed.  I tucked my pants into my socks and that just left my hands.

I probably spent a good 30 minutes  snapping away (almost completely) protected by myself at the edge of the river.  I started to feel a bit claustrophobic in the bug jacket with all the flies perched in front of my face.  They also discovered that my pants weren’t as well protected.

Sigma 105mm Macro

The second Sigma I had the opportunity to use was the 105mm Macro lens and it is beautiful.  I almost can’t use my Canon 100mm macro lens anymore.  The Sigma has detail, contrast, and a great sense of colour.

I’ll experiment with gaffer tape on my adapter because I think the Canon is suffering from some internal reflections from the Commlite adapter.  The Sigma on the other hand performed beautifully.

The last leg of our trip, we drove around looking for a moose and I borrowed the Sigma 50-500mm.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see a mouse and I couldn’t field test this heavy beast.


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